News 2017

November 20

MedicoApps obtained a 100,000 EUR investment from the Swiss company AlpVent!

November 14

Genialis Raises $2.3 Million Seed Round To Fuel U.S. Expansion

June 16

Want to Innovate Like Apple? Come to the free corpo post-PODIM #InvestEU workshop!

June 16

Jernej Mirt, VIAR: »People vote with wallets best.«

June 11

Nejc Škoberne, Genialis: “Work with data represents a large part of research in biology”

May 30

PODIM 2017: Every year better, every year more serious, and every year more!

May 19

Alexandre Massart, Blend Ventures: Fintech is as much a change of technology as it is a mindset and demographic change

May 19

Marcin Kasz, visits Kolektor

May 16

Peter Schlect, The Saas Co.: »Humans will work hand-in-hand with AI on many different levels«

May 12

The winner of PODIM Challenge is start-up Genialis!

May 11

The attendance of Prime Minister at PODIM is also dedicated to stopping Slovenian startups from going abroad!

May 10

Slovenian startup of the year is VIAR!

May 09

The PODIM App is here for easier communication!

May 09

​Download the PODIM startup catalogue!

May 08

Investment plan for Europe has already supported more than 3,000 startups!

May 08

To a new rise of Maribor by looking for fresh capital, attracting new investments, and supporting startup companies!

May 08

»The applications of AR/VR/MR are endless«

May 06

The TOP 20 startups of this year's PODIM Challenge are known!

May 05

Jernej Močnik, Nova KBM: Fintech will mostly affect payment transactions and debit card payments

May 05

Selection for Startup of the Year 2017 took place today

May 04

Damjan Slapar, Iskratel: It takes a corporate investor one phone call to solve a problem that would take a startup one month

May 04

Chuck Goldman, Sky Ventures: »Data itself will become smart«

May 04

We are introducing the finalists for the Slovenian Startup of the Year

May 03

Zoran Miloševič, Zavarovalnica Triglav: Getting real about disruptions in insurance or why publishing the record of an insurance claim paid in 3 seconds is an excellent PR move!

April 28

Suzana Leben, Telekom Slovenije: About erasing borders between industries, ICT disruptions, and infinite possibilities of collaboration with startups brought by 5G, IoT, and connectivity

April 28

Robert Neivert, 500 Startups: In Europe, there are some great opportunities to invest in companies

April 28

Matthias Hilpert, MH2 Capital: Transparent communication is the key to consumers' trust in the age of IOT and Big Data

April 26

Thomas Herlin: EU Is The Best Place To Start A Company

April 26

Finalists of the Slovenian Startup of the Year award are known!

April 25

Mariano Kostelec: I expect Uniplaces to join the 'unicorn' club

April 25

Up To Eleven Seeks To Attract Startups From The Alps-Adriatic Region

April 24

Tapio Siik: The European startup ecosystem is learning to play to its strengths, instead of trying to copy Silicon Valley

April 23

Tomaž Štolfa, Layer: Communication is one of the basic driving forces of humanity and business

April 22

Minister Gorazd Žmavc: Young Slovenian startuppers in neighbouring countries are important for national consciousness and confidence

April 21

Iztok Renčelj, Pošta Slovenije: We are interested in solutions that consider the network of 550 offices, 2,400 postmen and 1,200 vehicles in the field!

April 20

Mateja Lavrič, Kolektor Ventures: There needs to be some chemistry between the investor and the startup; a feeling you can work together and trust each other

April 19

Valter Leban, Kolektor: How can you give meaning to new technologies for smart factories of the future?

April 13

What’s hidden in the PODIM Easter basket? Great discount and an excellent programme!

April 03

What kind of startups are PODIM Challenge 'corpo' partners? Also, why and how to cooperate with them?

March 29

In partnership with startups to bank services of the future!

March 28

Pošta Slovenije will answer logistical challenges of the first and last mile in partnership with startups!

March 27

Zavarovalnica Triglav also collaborates with startups to ensure innovative solutions for a safer future!

March 26

Telekom Slovenije will collaborate with startups in developing solutions for telecommunications of the future

March 25

Iskratel is planning to invest 5,000,000 € into promising startups from the region in the next five years!

March 24

Kolektor is investing into startups with disruptive solutions in the field of smart factories and industry 4.0!

March 16

MDS IT Hackathon: In search of a vision for an innovative tech company

March 08

From PODIM to Silicon Valley in two unforgettable days!

March 07

Opportunity that can change your life!

February 23

Guys from Apple and HoloLens are coming to PODIM this year!

February 16

Who joined forces in the CorpoHub and why is this good news for startups?

February 07

Start:up Slovenia joined the Visegrad partnership for building a collective regional startup platform!

January 29

Tibopo – creator of the mDrive system and startup of the year 2015 received a Privacy Ambassador award!

January 27

Doctrina Raises €1,020,000 of New Capital

January 16

MedicoApps team impressing pilots across the world!

January 08

The tiniest and thinnest Bluetooth trackers in the world are Chipolo’s new products!

January 01